Sunday, October 21

Corning recommends 65-inch LCDs for "average" American living rooms

For today's installment of "lost in translation," we have a recommendation from Corning -- a 65-inch LCD is just about right for the average North American home. We're totally on board with that, and it's not surprising that the substrate glass manufacturer is pushing LCDs. But the "average" figures used to come up with the recommendation leave us scratching our heads: a viewing distance of 6.5-feet in a living room measuring 8 x 9-feet. By most sizing charts we've seen, below about 9-feet viewing distance on a 65-inch display, you'll be wishing you'd purchased that 1440P set. And while we're doing the math, what's with the average living room size of 8 x 9-feet? That can't be the average size of the 21st century American living room, especially for the kind of consumer who can afford a 65-inch LCD.

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