Thursday, November 15

Gas Stations And Google Maps

Google is slowly but surely taking over almost everything, Who would have guessed they would even be present in gas stations, free maps for the road, and other helpful solutions. I wonder where does the Google supremacy end? If I'm not mistaken in the states there's a law which says that no one can hold supremacy in one's field. That is the reason why Microsoft has been in and out of courts with the US Government for so many years, yet I haven't heard on any action being taken on Google.
Some of you might think that Yahoo is the alternative to Google, but let's be honest, when was the last time someone made a search on yahoo or stuff like that. Yahoo is just there because of the Messenger, and everybody is used to that and that alone.

P.s. (Rumor) When Microsoft continuously won the suits intended by the US government, the US started founding Apple to be able to be a competitor for them, because they said:

Ok, we're number one, so give us a competitor.

I wonder...

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