Thursday, November 1

$100.000 pentru un home cinema de 720p... ?

Nu-mi vine sa cred ca pentru $100.000 se poate doar o rezolutie de 720p, aceasta rezolutie e sustinuta de toate televizoarele si plasmele hd-ready si e ceva nisip in ochi pt cai care, ori nu sunt interesanti de o calitate superioara, sau care nu pot sa-si permita o calitate superioara. Sincer nu vad rostul la 5 televizoare intr-o camera, mai ales la 4 "mici" de 42" si unul in centru de 144". Pentru suma aia imensa dupa parerea mea s-ar putea ceva muuult mai bun.

De aceeasi parere au fost si cei de la Gizmodo de unde urmatorul dialog:

"Dude, I just spent $100,000 on the most kick ass home theater."
"Yeah, you've gotta come over for the game this Monday."
"I'm so there! What's it got?"
"Well, the four 42" plasmas are sweet. But the centerpiece has to be this awesome 144-inch Draper screen with a gorgeous 720p Sanyo projector."
"Whoa! Wait...did you say, 720p?"
"Yeah, 720p. Full hi-def projection, baby!"
"I mean, there's 1080p, but most games are broadcast in 720p anyway. Plus I've got awesome sound-"
"Right...I know..."
"So when you coming over later?"
"Actually, I might just go to the bar."
"What? I'll have beer man, and wings. I spent this money to replace the bar. So you gotta come over."
"Uhh...but you know, I like seeing the hot chicks and stuff."
"You can sleep with my wife."
"She's really not that hot."

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