Tuesday, May 6

Women More Likely than Men to Give Passwords for Chocolate. No Crap.

by Joanna Stern

I have to say as a woman I believe the findings of Infosecurity Europe’s recent survey, which claims that women are more inclined than men to give away passwords for chocolate, to be seriously flawed.

The survey found that women far more likely than males to give away their passwords to total strangers. Forty-five percent of women versus 10 percent of men were prepared to give away their passwords, to strangers masquerading as market researches with the lure of a chocolate bar as an incentive for filling in the survey.

My first issue is that women like chocolate more than men. Do I even need evidence of this? I do know women love chocolate, especially during a certain time of the month. If I were to run into a “market researcher” on the street, sure, I’d give him my “password” for a Milky Way. I’d lie about my password, take the chocolate and run. Men might have done the same if the incentive was, let’s say, bacon.

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