Friday, May 2

First Look: Asus m70 1TB Laptop

By Danny Dumas

Well looky looky what we have here. Some say storage = snore-age. Know what? Those people are mostly right. Except when you get in the world's first notebook that contains a grand freaking total of one terabyte (!) of hard disk space .

First impressions? The m70 comes with Vista Home Premium (Meh.) and weighs a bone crushing 9-pounds. Seriously, it's pushing the limits of portability. Asus still hasn't gotten back to us yet about how much the unit's price. Our IT guru said it'll probably cost about $2500-$3000 considering the specs.

To give you an idea of what it would take to fill up the hard drive, hit the jump to see the breakdown on how much porn, MP3s, DVDs, games, and pictures would be needed to fill the roomy storage.

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